Can you get a high off of cimetidine
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Best Answer: No you can't. You will get rid of any heartburn you may have. Kids. . (sound of head shaking) . Cimetidine does not affect your mood in any way. You .

Can Prozac Get You High, 80Mg Of Fluoxetine, Fluoxetine Libido, Prozac For Cats

I'll give you some examples of a prescribed medication that can cause people to go "high" or cause "mania" in medical terms. Antidepressant medication.

Can you get high off of famotidine? ChaCha Answer: Famotidine is the chemical name for Pepcid. Pepcid cannot give a high effect.

Hey, I'm not sure if this is a Pshycadelic or not. Actually I'm pretty sure it isn't . According to wikipedia, it's like a benzo. I've never tried Zopiclone but I .

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If you

Well there are many potentiation threads to help you (including for oxycodone specifically), but I'll tell you my personal regimen: 1hr before: 800mg-1g of cimetidine .

Message Written by; Has Cimetidine, acid recuder, ever given you any major side effects? My gosh, it takes care of my heartburn, but it freaking makes me want to faint. Other - Diseases question: Can you get kicked off of SSD for Refusing Medication, created at:2007-12-16 with 1,051 bytes, last updated: Monday .

Who are we controlling anyway Drug addicts drug dealers crack whores.keep dreaming. It s a Can you get a high off of cimetidine stark reality that drug laws need to change. In the not so far off future .

Sharing articles I find, discussing options you might consider & suggesting what might help. Each Can you get a high off of cimetidine person is different, what works for one might really mess up another.

Cimetidine discussions on . purchased the generic equate brand) this contained " cimetidine". This works just as well, probably even better than.

Ive tried others and have had problems getting end of some motor. Fox of the AFSCME deficient in naturally occurring or smoke great Can prochlorperazine get you high.

EDITORS' DISCLAIMER: Cracked does not endorse eating the below foodstuffs for the express purpose of getting high, as the side effects are usually horrible enough to .

All medicines, including Cimetidine have benefits and risks. The risks are the chances that something unwanted or unexpected could happen

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